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Outdoor Living and Entertaining

If there is one thing we have learned in early 2020—our homes are truly our shelter. And, as summer approaches, having a great outdoor space to entertain, relax and get away from it all will be more valuable than ever before.

Many industry experts think outdoor entertaining, gathering and “staycations” are going to be top of everyone’s list this summer. 


If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor spaces, now is the time to look into your options.

Whether you are on a small budget or are interested in making a larger investment, the key is to enlist the professionals who can maximize your space, create a plan for future improvements, and ensure you don’t make costly mistakes.

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Getting the professionals involved from the beginning has a multitude of benefits:

  1. They know how to maximize your budget and have tools and tricks to make sure your vision can come to life.

  2. Designing a landscape is complex. Our pros at Auva have been trained to design, plan and build under all conditions and environments—they will ensure the minimal amount of mistakes.

  3. Professionals think in phases so you can start with a master plan and then work on one phase at a time. This can be a cost-effective solution for homeowners who don’t have the full budget to do everything at once.

Whether your budget and vision are small or large, there are hundreds of ways to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

If you have a smaller budget, don’t shy away from working with a professional. You can enlist them to help you plan and create a workable design that can be constructed rather quickly. Here are some ideas to consider for upgrading your outdoor areas that won’t break the bank.

  • Add a small, free-standing gas fire pit

  • Freshen up your perennial beds with new color

  • Create an edible garden to take advantage of summer’s bounty

  • Reduce your turf and create a more sustainable, water-friendly xeric garden

  • Get a clean edge on your bed lines with a landscape refresh

  • Add planters and containers full of beautiful, colorful flowers and plants

  • Try staining your patio surface

  • Add bird feeders and other opportunities to attract wildlife

  • Buy a rug and throw pillows to update your outdoor space

  • Paint and refurbish existing patio furniture with new cushions to give it a new life

  • Increase curb appeal with a new mailbox or house numbers

  • Add outdoor LED lighting on pathways and overhead

  • Update tired outdoor furnishings

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Screenshot 2023-04-09 202449.png

With a mid level budget, you will likely be using your existing infrastructure with some added elements and upgrades. Your landscape professional is essential in this budget range because we can help you find areas to save, where to spend, and create a long-term plan that phases in your vision over time.

  • Overlay a new patio. If you start with a good concrete slab, you can overlay a paver, tile or stone patio surface

  • Add a small pergola or structure to create a shaded outdoor dining space. It adds dimension and can become a great focal point for entertaining

  • Create an outdoor seating area with new furniture edged with perennial containers

  • Add a freestanding water feature

  • Retrofit your irrigation system with upgrades and new technology

  • Create a backyard oasis with the addition of fresh plants and beds

The bigger the budget, the bigger you can dream. If you want to transform your outdoor spaces into the ultimate entertaining and gathering place, the options are endless. Here are a few of our most requested updates and upgrades in Colorado.

  • Outdoor kitchens with BBQ, burners, refrigerators and sinks.

  • Build a large outdoor fireplace, which also extends the patio season well into fall

  • Expand your existing patio or create additional outdoor spaces in your landscape for privacy and reflection

  • Install the latest outdoor A/V technology—speakers, lighting, TVs and more

  • Add a large water feature such as a fountain or stream

  • Install a lap pool or spa

  • Install a gaming area for beach volleyball, croquet or lawn bowling

  • Full landscape overhaul— Rework a large property or estate with new lush greenscapes, beds, and plants to create your dream outdoor space

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Easy, Fast Financing

You can improve your home without reducing your equity or incurring credit card debt. Auva Home Renovation offers a variety of financing options, including 100% financing with no money down.

Example Financing:

  • Kitchens: $25,000 project for $330 per month

  • Bathrooms: $15,000 project for $198 per month

Financing your home improvement project is easy, fast, and may reduce exposure to financial risk.

1. Apply

Submit your application online or over the phone.

2. Get Approved

Most applicants receive an approval decision within minutes.

3. Make Payments

Begin making small monthly payments that allow for any project to be completed with any budget.

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