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Creatively Designed Accent Walls

Spring is the season of rebirth and change and an accent wall can give new life to your home. 


You certainly don’t have to wait until Spring arrives to enliven your home spaces with eye-catching accents, but the season tends to stimulate our thoughts of color, texture, and tone. Your individuality will come alive with a vast selection of accents in wall tile from Auva.


The concept of an accent wall is to create a ‘standout’ effect that’s instantly noticed. An accent wall will add an epic space that can become the centerpiece of any room and Horizon Italian Tile has such a vast selection of both porcelain and ceramic tile, you’ll have the option to be as creative, dramatic, and unique as you choose.

horizontal tan slats.png
accent wall.webp
accent wall .png

Accent walls are a decorating favorite probably because you have a lot of flexibility. You have unlimited options for your accent wall when you work with Horizon Italian Tile. And the location of your accent wall is purely personal. After all your home is unique, so your accent wall should be just as special. Accent walls work well in any space if you know the essentials of what works best.


Think beyond solid colors and consider patterns, textures, or metallics. An accent wall should be the contrast that stands out. If the room is in neutral shades, consider something that contrasts, but also collaborates with the existing, often softer shades. Make it personal, artistic, or whatever reflects your personal style and taste. Don’t shy away from bold colors or textures. It may be the very thing the space needs to truly come alive.


Be mindful when picking your accent wall. Rooms without an architectural feature can benefit from an accent wall, especially one with texture. A wall with windows can also be a good choice for an accent wall, but avoid a drastically dark accent color surrounding windows, which can create a bright light effect and overwhelm the room.

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