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Inexpensive, Durable Flooring

Though not as durable as hardwoods, laminate is meant to mimic hardwood and is composed of high-density fiberboard, covered in a photographic image and a clear protective layer.

Laminate floors that mimic natural oak imbue an airy kitchen with character. Ideal for busy households, laminate withstands wear from kids and pets.

laminate 3.jpg

Fabulous Floors

It could be hard for your guests to tell that the floors they thought were wood, are actually laminate.

laminate 4.jpg

Authentic Wood Details

Five-inch-wide hickory-look planks merge the appearance of hardwood with the durability of laminate. The surface resists stains and scratches.

laminate 5.jpg

Naturalistic Laminate

This new laminate kitchen flooring has the color variation and depth of actual hardwood.

laminate 6.jpg

Natural Textures

Affordable and easy to install, today’s laminate more closely mimics natural materials. This richly textured floor was inspired by reclaimed oak

laminate 7.jpg

Laminate Tile Floors

This small kitchen features a black and white striped rug on laminate tile flooring.

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