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Kitchen Renovations

As a focal point for daily life, the kitchen should align with your family’s lifestyle and provide a comfortable space where you can cook, entertain guests, check homework or talk about your day over coffee.  Auva Home Renovation has the design capabilities, quality products, and installation experience to blend your kitchen’s function, flow, and beauty to create your dream kitchen.

Is your kitchen cramped for countertop space?

Have you dreamt of an island to add more useful storage and space?

Do you want to add a tile or stone backsplash?

Are you in need of new cabinets to store all the dishes?

Modern Kitchen Pic 1.jpg

Kitchen Renovations & Services

Just some of the various services we offer for a kitchen remodel include:


  • Countertops

  • Backsplash

  • Cabinets

  • Sinks and Faucets

  • Appliance Installation

  • Flooring installation

  • Crown molding/Baseboards

  • Light fixtures

  • Smart Home Technology

  • Painting

  • Accessories procurement

  • + More

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Easy, Fast Financing

You can improve your home without reducing your equity or incurring credit card debt. Auva Home Renovation offers a variety of financing options, including 100% financing with no money down.

Example Financing:

  • Kitchens: $25,000 project for $330 per month

  • Bathrooms: $15,000 project for $198 per month

Financing your home improvement project is easy, fast, and may reduce exposure to financial risk.

1. Apply

Submit your application online or over the phone.

2. Get Approved

Most applicants receive an approval decision within minutes.

3. Make Payments

Begin making small monthly payments that allow for any project to be completed with any budget.

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